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Community Development Projects


We want to build sustainable development for the community by addressing households' needs. We need to understand the areas in which they are struggling and what can they do to improve their living conditions with our assistance. Each project is designed in accordance with the participants' needs, priorities, abilities/talents, and level of involvement. It is designed as a partnership between Echoes and the participants.

Our primary aim revolves around developing eco-friendly initiatives that enable families to generate additional income, fostering a self-sufficient way of life. Our goal is to alleviate these families' concerns about meeting their fundamental daily requirements like food and housing. Rather, we aspire for them to concentrate on sustaining a healthy lifestyle, ensuring sustainability not just for themselves but for future generations as well.



    • Scholarship programs from elementary to college level

    • School feeding programs

    • Tutoring, Training and equipping

    • Job ready programs

    • Internships

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    Environmental Conservation Initiatives

      • Trash management, community-wide cleaning programs
      • Trees planting
      • Environment Education Programs
      • Reuse of Rainwater
      • Recycling 
      • Garbage Disposal Regulation

      Micro-Finance & Start-Up

        • Women's Economic Empowerment Programs

        • Youth Entrepreneurship Programs

        • Startups initiatives

        • Training & workshops

        • Support for families facing hardship


        Agricultural Development

          • Promoting sustainable agricultural practices
          • Farming projects
          • Training & workshops

          • Startups initiatives

          • Collaborative Partnerships