Logistics & Services

We provide a diverse selection of logistics and services to support your missions, projects, or outreach efforts. We can work with you in the fields of disaster relief logistics support, project management and execution, administrative tasks, inventory management, transportation solutions, event coordination, and multimedia services.

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Sohihy Lakana

Sohihy villagers


Our team can help you with managing the logistical aspects of a project. This includes coordinating staff/volunteers, transportation, handling materials and supplies, organizing resources, and ensuring timely delivery and distribution to support the successful execution of the project. We work with you with the planning and implementation of logistical tasks to facilitate the smooth functioning of a project, ensuring that all necessary elements are in place and operational.

Maomeloka Mission


Our team can help you with organizing and overseeing the logistical and operational aspects of missions or staff/volunteer trips. This includes planning travel arrangements, accommodations, transportation, activities, and any necessary resources or supplies for individuals or groups participating in the mission. The goal is to ensure a smooth and well-coordinated experience for everyone involved, enabling them to focus on the mission's objectives without being encumbered by logistical challenges. It often involves liaising with local organizations, arranging schedules, managing budgets, and addressing any unforeseen issues that may arise during the trip.

Antanifotsy outreach


Our team can help you develop plans for reaching out to communities or target groups, coordinating the logistics necessary for these outreach efforts, and ensuring the smooth execution of the outreach activities.

The planning phase involves setting objectives, identifying the target audience, designing outreach materials or content, and establishing a timeline for implementation.



  • Our team is equipped to assist with capturing videos and photographs throughout your missions and projects. Additionally, we can create videos to chronicle and document your endeavors. Our services encompass the production of video, audio, and photographic content.