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When we started Echoes in 2009, our aim was to create a platform for inviting individuals and groups to collaborate, making a positive impact on individuals, families, and communities step by step. Over the years, our combined efforts in creating transformative programs have yielded significant impacts. Our influence has extended far beyond Madagascar, reaching people in the US, Canada, Guatemala, India, and parts of Africa. Your involvement with us contributes to shaping a brighter present and future for both this generation and the next, fostering success and positive change.


Monthly donation

We're deeply grateful for the incredible support from generous individuals and groups who have stood by our side throughout these years. Witnessing the progress that emerges from our collective work and continuous expansion is truly astounding. As the saying goes, "Do not neglect the small beginnings." Despite witnessing considerable success in various areas—thousands of children participating in the Kids Club program, hundreds of students benefiting from our scholarships, numerous college graduates, and multiple communities positively impacted—we consistently encounter fresh challenges and opportunities with each new season that demand increased involvement.

Our passion for what we do remains strong, despite the significant challenges it entails. Without supporters like you, reaching this point wouldn't have been possible, and our ability to persist in making a difference would be limited. Therefore, our heartfelt thanks go out to you for your unwavering support.

Scholarship donation

The World Changers Scholarship stands as one of our initiatives aimed at assisting students with their educational expenses such as tuition, materials, transportation, and meals. As we expanded our Kids Club programs to other communities in 2019, we observed a troubling trend: many club members had discontinued their education. A significant portion lacked proficiency in reading and writing at their expected grade levels. This concerning revelation motivated us to launch the World Changers Scholarship program. Our goal is to provide them with a platform where they not only cultivate their spiritual growth as disciples of Jesus but also harness their innate talents. This is achieved through educational support, participation in diverse extracurricular activities, and involvement in our camps and missions trips programs.

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