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Christ Movement Ministry

The Christ Movement Ministry serves as a platform for partnering with both local and international organizations to disciple communities incrementally. Our array of programs spans Kids Clubs, Youth Groups, sports outreach, community engagement, evangelism, training sessions, conferences, mission trips, food and clothing drives, as well as special events. These initiatives collectively strive to nurture individuals and communities, fostering a deep connection to Christ.

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Community Outreaches

    • Evangelism & Crusades

    • Clothes & food drives

    • Special events



      • Family Discipleship
      • Regular parents' meetings
      • Parents' camp, training & equipping
      • Parents and youth/kids leaders conferences 
      • Outreaches 

      Missions trips

      We embark on multiple mission trips to oversee our projects, spread the Good News, implement various programs, explore diverse locations, minister to families and communities, and organize camps, workshops, and training sessions. If you're interested in joining us at any point, feel free to reach out—we welcome your involvement.