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    Water Projects
    Not everybody has access to clean drinkable water. Most family gets their water from the nearby ricefield or any available water source (River, lake, ricefield, ...) within the community. This causes health issues, especially for children because the water is not clean and unfiltered therefore they are more vulnerable to different diseases.
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    Sustainable Development
    Malnutrition is the cause of most diseases in Madagascar this is why it is imperative that we help families build and manage vegetable, poultry and even fish farm so they can get the necessary nutrition needed to live a healthy lifestyle. Echoes also will assist and support local groups in building a sustainable income for the most needy families by different training and workshops. By participating in these programs, families will be able to use their talents and abilities in a much lucrative way.
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    Health & Wellness
    The majority of people are living on a "survival mode" therefore they barely have money to buy food which makes it really hard for them to seek treatments for any illness they might have. Hospitals are only in major cities and there are few available doctors in the rural areas. By offering the community a way to educate themselves in terms of health and wellness, while implementing different programs within their community we can help them live a healthier life.
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    Christ Movement
    The Christ Movement program is our holistic approach in engaging and developing people and communities on different levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We team up with local and international organizations by doing different activities and outreaches all over Madagascar. If you are interested in joining the movement, please do not hesitate to contact us
Community Assistance
We do several community outreaches throughout the year from community-wide cleaning, clothing drives, school supplies drives, sporting events, ... to meal assistance.
These events are helping us build relationship with the community and also gives us the opportunity to work with local organizations within those areas.

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