Making a difference, one community at a time
Tax-exempt under 501(c)(3)
Since 2009
Who we are
Lance and Sandratra Kerr wanted to start a nonprofit organization to do what they could to help those in need. Since Sandratra is from Madagascar the decision of where to devote their efforts was an easy one. The couple believes through Echoes they can assist in improving the quality of life of many families and communities by helping them become self-sufficient.  This is accomplished by teaching them to use their existing resources, and how to turn those resources into a sustainable source of income, offering educational opportunity to their children, and by implementing different programs.  These programs include farming, health and wellness education and awareness. Their hope is that through Echoes of Madagascar they can reach out to those who want to join them in this journey and help bring hope for the future generations by getting involved in different projects and supporting Echoes missions. 
Our mission and vision
The organization is committed to establishing communities based on family self-sufficiency, cooperation, support and mutual trust among them. The goal of these communities is to be a model of cooperative living in a peaceful, yet dynamic environment through education, working experience, and communication skills. We plan on accomplishing this through a holistic approach by providing support, funds and by producing, promoting and participating in workshops, seminars and lectures in various areas of study from healthcare, education, well-being, environment and business management so that these families can create, generate and maintain a successful business. 
It is our vision that with proper formation each individual and family will be able to have a self-sustained lifestyle and be able to manage their family’s needs, as well as their personal needs, adequately.  
Our team
Echoes of Madagascar is a US -based nonprofit organization. Echoes’ team members are all volunteers who dedicate their time, experiences, and big hearts to make a difference and bring hope to the future of these communities.
We also partner with local and international organizations, groups, churches, schools, orphanages and other entities that are interested in contributing toward Building Sustainable Development.
Please contact us if you would like to volunteer, partner or even go on a mission trip with us.